producing rough cut lumber FROM THe HEART OF THE sierra nevada mountains


giving new life to devastated trees.

The recent California drought has caused vast swaths of forest to die due to the infestation of the western pine bark beetle and other bark beetle species. We harvest these dead and dying trees and turn them into functional and beautiful lumber. We acquire and mill native species including ponderosa pine, sugar pine, white fir and occasionally incense cedar.        

quality lumber for a multitude of uses .

We sell custom cut ponderosa pine, sugar pine and white fir lumber milled to buyer’s specifications. Lumber can be milled as full dimension or common. Rough cut lumber works great as framing for structures, as siding, corral boards, arena fencing, slabs, bar tops, mantle pieces, etc. Our lumber has much more character and rustic appeal than what large lumber yards can supply. We have a large quantity of logs that can be milled upon request or sold as whole logs.

Woodmizer sawmill efficiently transforms logs to lumber. 

We also offer custom sawmilling services for individuals who would like to have their own logs milled. Our Woodmizer LT40 Hydraulic portable sawmill can handle logs up to 36" in diameter and 20'6" long. It can mill slabs that are a maximum of 24 to 27 inches wide. We've recently acquired an LT70 Super Hydraulic Wide Head sawmill allowing us to cut slabs up to 35" wide. 

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